About dungeons

Dungeons are pathways that you clear with a team of 2-5 players to receive rewards at the end. Monster spawns are slightly different each time and monsters will not respawn. The kills inside dungeons do not count towards kill tasks, such as Challenge Tasks. PVP combat is disabled in dungeons and all dungeons timeout after 60 minutes without reward if not finished.
Only one team can be at each dungeon at once, and players may partake in no more than 1 successful dungeon run per hour. Most high level dungeons have an entrance fee for each participant, in either gold (charged from bank balance) or premium cards.
Each successful finish (requires all monsters to be killed) will yield experience and gold rewards. The 5th, 20th and 100th finish (individual counter for each dungeon) yield special item rewards.

List of Dungeons

Humanoid Lair (Level 10+)
The Orcish Complex (Level 25+)
The Melket Lair (Level 40+)
The Castle of Undead(Level 60+)
The Dragonia (Level 90+)
The Demonic Passage (Level 120+)
The Abandoned Bollahar Hideout (Level 160+)
The Jungle Path (Level 180+)
Baphomet's Residence (Level 200+)