No player is complete without a trusty weapon to aid them in their adventures. Some weapons can be used while holding a shield, but other weapons require two hands in order to use.
To properly use a ranged weapon, Rangers must have an abundant amount of ammunition. These are sharp projectiles that devastatingly pierce an enemy. Ammunition is not unlimited.
Melee Weapons
The weapon of a warrior is said to be an extension of themselves. Trust in one's weapon and you can overtake almost any obstacle by merely slicing and dicing it down to proportions.
Special containers to hold arrows or bolts.
Ranged Weapons
Rangers hardly go anywhere without their trusty bow and a quiver of arrows. Ranged Weapons are the bridge to life a death; running from a spear, cast by a very well trained ranger, could be crucial to your own life.
Spell Books
Every mage should never forget about his spell book.
With great magic, comes great wands... what? Wands are used by mages who are wishing to zap their enemies with a fierce blast of magic. Wands use limited amounts of your mana to cast sparks and flames amongst your target.


These items provide varying levels of protection from enemy attacks, and sometimes lessen certain types of attacks. You are allowed to wear one of each type of armor at one time.
Necklaces and Chains are a very valuable yet unnecessary part of your equipment; however, some amulets hold specific magical properties, as others are purely just for protection.
Zezenia armors are the main piece to your inventory and provide (mostly) the most defense and protection. Armor should be placed in the top center slot of you inventory window.
The only protection you can find for your feet would consist within a pair of shoes or boots. There is a small number of footwear located within Zezenia, but each makes a nice impact on your overall protection.
Wrist guards are usually an expected equipment found amongst young warriors and sometimes archers and mages. The reinforced ability to protect the forearm is essential for any person looking for a well developed piece of armor.
If you want to keep your fingers warm and well protected, well... if you want to keep your fingers still intact, you will want to invest within a pair of gauntlets or gloves. Made from strong materials, this equipment is no ordinary mitt.
The helmets of Zezenia are important to your body equipment. Your helmet should be placed in the top middle part of your inventory window.
The leggings of Zezenia are small in number, but great in defense. If you're willing to go into battle, make sure you carry a strong set of these chaps.
These small, yet strong pieces of equipment seem to be a remarkable advantage towards your overall defense. Some rings are enchanted with magical properties that could benefit your character greatly if used just right.
Shields are one of the universal equipments that a proper warrior finds as a necessity to acquire. Shields, as well as provide a large portion of your overall defense, also help improve your defending skill.


Zezenia has a wide variety of odds and ends about the items selection. These items could consist to anything from fishing equipment and simple foods, to unique contest prizes and medals.
Brewable Mixtures
These potions can strengthen every adventurer. Try it!
Creature Items
Every creature products are requirement to complete several quests, tasks this list shows every of them.
Fishing Equipment
To be a great fisherman our fishing equipment should be solid enough the provide us the highest amount of fishes.
The table shows every food of Zezenia world, also check NPC list who are able to sell you some of food.
Magic Mixtures
Mana potions, and ones that keep our health bar on highest amount are very important part of gameplay. See the list to check out which one fits you best!
Natural Resources
Well, true alchemist needs these items to brewing experiments.
If you would join group of greatest alchemists you need to learn all brewing recipes. Believe me, it is not so easy!
Gold, gold bars, and everything that seems to be glowing shinning and expensive.
Things that do not fit anywhere but here. Unsorted.