Creature Items

Every creature products are requirement to complete several quests and tasks.
item name drop from
ancient stone Colossal Golem, Colossal Ice Golem, Giant, Glacial Giant, Golem, Ice Golem, Villumb
aurochs antlers pair Aurochs
Asmodeus Cape Asmodeus
azure dragon heart Azure Dragon
azure dragon skin Azure Dragon
azure dragon wing Azure Dragon
beetle shell Devastating Beetle, Giant Beetle, Xyoquian Beetle
boar fang Boar
bronze ore Armadillork, Unholy Dreadlord
cobra skin Cobra
rune of fiery forces Yaghan Occultist
rune of spirti forces Lince Ghost
great rune of fiery forces Bliatheroith, the Beast
great rune of thunder forces Diroth, Bollahar
rune of thunder forces Dungeon 160,
crab claw Cave Crab, Crab
crystal dragon heart Crystal Dragon
dark knight cape Dark Knight
unholy dreadlord horn Unholy Dreadlord
soul devourer hand Soul Devourer Hand
sand terror Sand Terror
crystal dragon skin Crystal Dragon
crystal dragon wing Crystal Dragon
cursed scythe Raging Curse
cursed skin Raging Curse
demon skin Demon
demon lord skin Demon Lord
demonic berry Bush Terror, Lone Eye
demonic wooden plank Demonic Ent
dire boar mane Dire Boar
dragon bone Azure Dragon, Crystal Dragon, Dracolich, Dragon, Horned Dragon, Keogruteras, Xyoquian Dragon
dragon heart Dragon, Horned Dragon, Keogruteras, Xyioquan Dragon
dragon skin Dragon, Horned Dragon, Keogruteras
dragon wing Dragon, Horned Dragon, Keogruteras
dreadlord beak Dreadlord
dreadlord skin Dreadlord
dwarf beard Dwarf
dwarf magcian beard Dwarf Magician
enchanter staff Orknie Archmage, Orknie Enchanter
gelid goblin ear Gelid Goblin
gelid heabatog ear Gelid Hebatog Elite, Gelid Hebatog Fighter, Gelid Hebatog Rookie
glowing crystal Birlusk Thyns, Ice Demon
goblin ear Goblin, Goblin Chief
goblin berserker ear Goblin Berserker
goblin sage ear Goblin Sage
golem heart Colossal Golem, Golem
halberdier blade Orknie Halberdier
hebatog ear Hebatog Elite, Hebatog Fighter, Hebatog Rookie
hellish archangel head Hellish Archangel
hellish magus head Hellish Magus
Heart of the Hamrarian Dragon Hamrarian Dragon
ice demon bone Ice Demon
ice golem heart Birlusk Thyns, Colossal Ice Golem, Ice Golem
lince ghost soul Lince Ghost
lion mane Lion
lion tail Lion
mammoth tusk Mammoth, Galiantors
nocturne hand Nocturne
orc head Ajnamen, Orc, Orc Apprentince, Orc Commander, Orc Thrower, Orc Wizard, Wojatupp
orc skin Ajnamen, Orc, Orc Apprentince, Orc Commander, Orc Thrower, Orc Wizard, Wojatupp
piece of dwarf armory Dwarf
punisher skin Punisher
rat tail Rat
scorpion tail Scorpion
separated cursed eye Cursed Eye
separated evil eye Evil Eye
snake skin Snake
spider leg Spider, Spiderling
silver ore Death, Dracolisch Spectre, Nightmare
valkyrie braid Valkyrie
vampire cape Vampire, Vampire Lord
vampire fangs Vampire
vampire lord fangs Vampire Lord
warg fur Warg
warg paw Warg
warthog fur Warthog
wendigo soul Wendigo
werebear paw Werebear
wooden plank Elder Ent, Jovsrettok, Xyoquian Ent
wolf paw Wolf
xyioquan dragon skin Xyioquan Dragon
xyioquan dragon wing Xyioquan Dragon
yeti beard Yeti
yeti fur Yeti
golden four leaf clover Sniffles Cloverhooper
yeti horn Yeti