Brewing Mixtures

To brew you must:
→ learn the recipe (you can buy the simplest recipes from Nicholas; other recipes are available as loot or as quest rewards),
→ then gather / buy / loot the resources (click here for more information about gathering natural resources),
→ and then brew the potion(s).

If you know specific recipe and have ingredients go to Alchemist Store in Ellaria.

Go down, in cellar, you can find few brewing workplaces. Choose one of them - choice does not matter.

Right click on cauldron. Brewing window will appear.

Choose potion size, and type ammount of mixtures. Before you will press 'Begin Brewing' recalculate ingredients once again. Multiply ingredients by:
→ potion size factor (2 for vial, 4 for shot, 6 for jar, 10 for flask),
→ predefined ammount of mixtures.

If all calculation are correct press 'Begin Brewing' - new window will appear.

Be careful, you can add ingredients, only if mixture seems calm.

Moreover, be thorough and unhurried - you can lost all or part of your ingredients if:
→ you will use wrong ammount of ingredient(s) (poison potion instead of useful mixture),
→ you will use wrong ingredient(s) (poison potion instead of useful mixture),
→ you will add any ingredient when mixture is boiling (mixture will explode).

Anyway, if everything seems correct, press 'Finish Brewing'. Prepared mixture(s) should appear at cauldron.