Name Change

There is an ability to change the nickname of your character if you wish - this involves a fee of 50 premium cards in-game. As a result of this operation, you will not lose any objects, or experience. To confirm the name change, speak to the NPC Lasse with following manner:
Player: hi
Alexander: Hello.
Player: namelock
Lasse: If you really suffer from such great problems that only a change of your name is an option, I will grant you so, but only if you donate 50 premium cards to Bersund. If your decision is final, say: namechange, but note that there is no way back!
Player: namechange

As soon as you confirm your desire to change the nick on your character, the namelock will be applied. The next step is to log into your account at the official website: ..and then use the 'Change Name' (1) feature.

Thanks to this, you will be taken to the page that allows you to complete the process of changing your character's name - just enter a new name (2) and validate by clicking on the 'Change' (3) button.