Fishing is one of the fastest and primarily the cheapest way to get food. You can purchase from an equipment or fishing shop: a fishing rod or fishing net - due to the high effectiveness, the fishing net is mostly recommended, however, if you are looking for something cheap, there are a few different types of rods available for different prices and effectiveness. After you've picked a rod that suits you, it's time to head out to a water supply and begin fishing! You can fish from rivers, the sea, or any other body of water simply by right-clicking on the water supply once. After you have right clicked on the water one time, there will show a bobbing animation that indicates that you are still fishing in that area, however, once that animation goes away (via walking off screen, right clicking again on the area, system message occurring), you may have to right click again on the water to continue fishing.

You do not need worms or bait to fish in-game. However, as a result to not needing to purchase additional fishing equipment, there are a few things to look out for; while fishing, several messages are likely to occur and temporarily prevent you from fishing any longer:
- "2 fish were stuck on your equipment." (Stops you from fishing, but you would also have caught an extra fish)
- "The caught fish bit you for 10 hitpoints." (Stops you from fishing, and you lose 10hp)
- "The fish got away." (Stops you from fishing)
- "Your fishing equipment broke." (Your rod/net has broken and disappeared from overuse, and you will need to buy another to continue fishing)