Game Worlds

There are 3 types of game worlds in Zezenia: Non-PVP, PVP and Speed-rate PVP. On PVP servers players can attack eachother everywhere except in protection areas, such as depots. PVP servers have automatic countermeasures against massive playerkilling. On Non-PVP attacking other players is only possible in certain conditions, such as when in a battle arena, guild war or in party mode.

Speed-rate servers are slightly different from normal-rate servers. On speed-rate servers monsters yield 10 times their normal experience amount, experience reward is disabled for tasks and the training reward for tasks is 2 times that of normal-rate servers. On speed-rate servers level is capped at 150, skills are capped at 100 and magic level is capped at 80.

When choosing your own game world you should take into account the hosting location. Platon, Elysium and Everath are all hosted in the USA, while Tipitaka is hosted in Germany, Europe. The distance between you and the game world is important in terms of gameplay smoothess (network delay is often also known as lag). It should also be noted that transfering your character to another game world costs 200 Premium Cards. More about world transfers in the manual article World Transfer.