Guilds are a group created to unite players with similar views; similar goals, ways of thinking, relationships, etc. To create a guild, it is required to have a minimum of level 5 on your account and enabled premium membership. If you meet the requirements mentioned above, it is important that you log into the official website of Zezenia Online and fill in the available form here.

Managing the newly created the guild is intuitive and takes place from the account page at on the official site. The leader of the guild has direct control over his or her's members. You can promote or demote them to the appropriate rank and gift them a unique title (nickname) among the guild. It is also worth mentioning to your members, that they will have in-game access to the 'Guild Chat' - which is the special channel on which opinions of members can be discussed, and messages can be noted, and other members can communicate to all other online guild members.