Spells and Mana Use

Each of the character professions has a number of unique spells to use (subclasses and premium accounts have additional spells). A description of each spell can be found in-game by selecting on the 'Actions' window, the 'Spells ' tab. You also have to remember that to execute certain spells, there are a few things to understand: you must have the approx. Magic Level, amount of mana necessary to cast the spell, delay a spell takes to cast, duration of how long the spell lasts, and cooldown of how long until you can use that spell again.

To select a spell to use, you must bind a spell to your spell bar (or also known as the hotkeybar). The spell bar consists of 22 available spots in a tier, 12 of which positions is assigned to the function keys (F1-F12). The remaining 10 places are available for use only in 'Fight Mode', and they are executed by using the number keys (1-0) below the function keys; however, any spell can be used by left-clicking the binded spell icon if you prefer not to use the keys on your keyboard. Now, most importantly, to assign a spell to a hotkey you must right-click on one of the spell bar places, then in the selection window, choose one of them and save it. Simple huh?