The market system allows players to trade items with each other without having to arrange the trade themselves. All players on the mainland can list their items for sale on the market for a fee of 50 gold. The player who sells the item chooses the amount to sell and the price for each item. Other players can then search for listed items on the market and purchase them.

Open up the market by saying trade to your local market NPC. The current market NPCs are Gertrude (Bersund), Jeff (Culthan) and Lauri (Karkkila). To list an item in the market, choose the My Offers tab and drag & drop your item into the market dialog. Enter a price for each item, the amount of items to list and press Place Offer. A fee of 50 gold will be removed from your bank balance. You can unlist your item by right clicking on them. If you are online when an item of yours is sold, you will receive an information message about it. You can also see a history of your trades by pressing Show history in the My Offers tab.

To buy an item from the market, simply select it from the list, enter the amount you want to buy and press Buy. If you know what you are looking for you can enter a partial or full name of the item into the Search field to clarify the listing.