During your adventures in the magical lands of Zezenia, you come across monsters of various strengths and abilities; some of them are able to injure you with magical damage, attack from a distance with arrows/bolts, and of course, others prefer to use close combat / physical damage. Eventually, however, you may encounter more dangerous creatures of a certain type. These are called Enraged creatures and can be easily spotted with a red name and life bar above them. They are initially noticed to have a 10% damage increase, possible increased defense and/or hp, as well as yield a 20% higher experience gain.

All of the monsters in Zezenia have a certain number of points to their life total (health points). A player can drain the creature's life total by attacking and dealing damage to it in exchange for something called experience points, which the is needed by the player to gain higher levels and upgrades in the game. New players get a benefit to receiving additional experience from monsters until they reach a certain level. Between levels 1 and 10 - the player will receive twice the experience points, then from levels 11 to 20 - the overall gained experience is still magnified, but with successive levels of co-factor that is reduced by 0.1x experience every time. (Example: Level 11 - 1.9x, level 12 - 1.8x ... level 19 - 1.1x) However, as stated previously, once the player reaches level 20, the extra experience gain is evened out to the default of 1.0x and you will receive experience at a normal rate.