In Zezenia Online there is a premium system that works both via premium cards and via a premium subscription. You can subscribe for premium time, at a price of 4.50€ per 30 days, via your Account Page. Subscribing is only possible via PayPal, but other payment methods exist for the purchase of premium cards. Premium Cards are ingame items, usable ingame by right clicking on them, giving 24 hours of premium to your whole account. It is possible to give or trade premium cards to other players. Some features, such as changing your name or World Transfer, cost premium cards. You can buy premium cards on the Order Premium Cards Page. Available payment methods are PayPal (credit and debit cards, bank transfers), DaoPay (payments via phone call or SMS), EU Bank Transfer (IBAN bank transfer in Europe) and PagSeguro (Brazilian payment method, including Boleto). Note that the availability of payment methods will vary by your country. A full list of premium card features are shown in the list below:

Premium time is always active across your whole account, on all of your characters. A list of the most notable premium features are listed below.