Special Combat Zones

PvP arenas - small combat zones are available in several cities. To enter, you will need at least two players to stand on the designated area and pull the lever. The object is to fight to the death, as one of them will be the victor. In the case of death, the player does not lose any objects from their inventory or accumulated experience.

Warzone - a small island where, without worrying about inventory losses and accumulated experience, you can openly attack and war against other player. To go here, you must speak with one of the warzone NPCs located in each city: Bruno (Bersund), Drake (Karkkila), Karen (Caerfa), Koga (Ben Qarassih), Will (Culthan).

Upon being teleported to the warzone island, you will notice that it is divided within different sections with the following:

In addition, you should know that: