World Transfer

In certain conditions it is possible to transfer your character to another world for a fee of 200 premium cards. You can only transfer from a PVP server to another PVP server, or from a PVP server to a non-PVP server. Transfering from a non-PVP server to a PVP server is not possible. Additional limitations may be present for newly opened game worlds. You can only transfer your character once every 120 days.

Your character stats and items will come along with you to your new world. However, you will lose your guild membership, market items and your house. If you have items in your house they will be lost - so pick them up before transfering to another game world!

To initiate a world transfer talk to NPC Alexander. If you want to transfer your character then, talk to him in the following manner:
Player: hi
Alexander: Hello.
Player: transfer
Alexander: You can transfer to another world once every 120 days for a fee of 200 premium cards. Transfers are not reversible and you will lose your house, guild rank and market items. It is not possible to transfer from a non-pvp world to a pvp world.
Alexander: Would you like to transfer to Elysium, transfer to Platon, transfer to Tipitaka?
Player: transfer to Elysium / Platon / Tipitaka
Alexander: A transfer will cost you 200 premium cards and is not reversible. Please confirm transfer if you are entirely sure about this!
Player: confirm

When you confirm transfer your character will be unavailable for 20 minutes during the world transfer process.