Hunting Areas for highly experienced players

Hunting Spot Location Be prepared to face
Ajnamen Castle Surroundings Norrlun (premium area) → Ajnamen Castle - Ajnamen (only at floor +1), Gelid Hebatog Elite, Gelid Hebatog Fighter, Gelid Hebatog Rookie, Hebatog Elite, Hebatog Fighter, Orc Apprentince, Orc Commander, Orc Warrior, Orc Wizard
→ Birlusk Thyns Residence - Birlusk Thyns (only at floor +5), Colossal Ice Golem, Glacial Giant, Ice Demon, Ice Golem
→ Snowbeast Glade #1- Snowbeast and Azure Dragon, Yeti
→ Dracolich Cave - Dracolich
→ Snowbeast Glade #2- Snowbeast and Yeti
Chaotic Catacombs Ben Qarassih (premium area) Demon, Dragon, Dreadlor, Fire Being, Nocturne, Punisher, Raging Curse, Werebear, Wraith, Xyioquan Beetle
Eastern Humwich Hills: Colossal Golems Nyranthia - Humwich (free area) Colossal Golem
Eastern Humwich Hills: Dracoliches Nyranthia - Humwich (free area) Dracolich
Ementku Lair Norrlun (premium area) Melket Bombadier and Ementku in the end of cave. In addition, before you will reach main spawn, be prepared to defeat following monsters: Glacial Giant, Kidamru, Melket Scout, Melket Soldier, Snowbeast.
Fiery Cave Ben Qarassih (premium area) Dragon and Fire Being
Jovsrettok Forest Geltharia (free area) Elder Ent, Ent and Jovsrettok on the top floor.
Karkkilian Crystal Dragon Cave Norrlun (premium area) Crystal Dragon and rarely Azure Dragon
Karkkilian Haunted Catacombs Norrlun (premium area) Dracolich, Ghoul, Ghost Dragon, Satyr, Walking Dead, Wendigo, Xyioquan Dragon, Zombie
Karkkilian Ice Demon Cave Norrlun (premium area) Ice Demon
Karkkilian Yeti Cave Norrlun (premium area) Yeti
Leifarian Ice Demon Hills Norrlun (premium area) Ice Demon and Azure Dragon, Snowbeast, Yeti
Mammoth Glade / Hillocks Geltharia (free area) Mammoth and Galiantors on the top floor.
Southern Shore: Nocturnes Ben Qarassih (premium area) Nocturne