Hunting Areas for intermediate experienced players

Hunting Spot Location Be prepared to face
Dreadlord Cave Ben Qarassih Dreadlord and Golem. In addition, before you will reach main spawn, be prepared to defeat following monsters: Devastating Beetles,Golems, Ghosts.
Eastern Humwich Hills: Giants Humwich Surroundings Giant
Eastern Humwich Hills: Horned Dragons Humwich Surroundings Horned Dragon
Eastern Humwich Hills: Werebears Humwich Surroundings Werebear
Geltharian Swamps: Beetle Mountains Geltharia Beetle, Devastating Beetle, Giant Beetle
Geltharian Swamps: Giants Geltharia Giant
Geltharian Swamps: Golems Geltharia Golem
Geltharian Swamps: Horned Dragons Geltharia Horned Dragon
Geltharian Swamps: Werebear Cave Geltharia Werebear
Geltharian Swamps: Werebear Hillocks Geltharia Werebear
Geltharian Swamps: Xyioquan Ents Geltharia Xyioquan Ent and Elder Ent Xyioquan Beetle
Glacial Giants Hills Norrlun Glacial Giant
Golem Cave Ben Qarassih Golem
Haunted Cave Norrlun Vampire, Vampire Lord
Karkkilian Hills Karkkila Surroundings Cutthroat and Marauder
Karkkilian Plains Karkkila Surroundings Highwayman and Savage
Leifarian Glacial Giant Cave Norrlun Glacial Giant
Leifarian Ice Golem Cave #1 Norrlun Ice Golem
Leifarian Ice Golem Cave #2 Norrlun Ice Golem
Leifarian Ice Golem Hills Norrlun Ice Golem
Leifarian Kidamru Hillocks Norrlun Kidamru
Lion Desert Ben Qarassih Lion, Snake
Punisher Cave Ben Qarassih Punisher and Raging Curse, Dreadlord
Southern Shore: Dreadlords Ben Qarassih Dreadlord and Dragon, Fire Being, Nocturne, Raging Curse
Southern Shore: Raging Curses Ben Qarassih Raging Curse
The Al Qubesan Hills Ben Qarassih Golem, Snake