Life: > 50,000 hitpoints
Experience: 25,000 experience points
Behaviour: Fights in close combat, additionally uses spells (strong single target spell, areal spells around them and target, healing spells). Moreover Keogruteras summons up to 4 Dragons.
Popular Hunting Places: -


Cash: 0-100 gold pieces(s), 0-100 gold bar(s)
Food: -
Miscellaneous items: luck potion recipe
Creature items: 0-3 dragon bone, 0-3 dragon heart, 0-3 dragon skin, 0-3 dragon wing
Equipments: dragon armor, heavy knight sabatons, heavy plate protectors, ornamented gauntlets, ring of magic, ring of precission, rough ring, thick plate armor
Weapons dragon maul, flame tongue, magma hammer, reinforced war bow, volcano wand