The bank is probably the oldest institution which operates across Zezenia. In every city there is one branch of a bank run by an experienced bank teller. Interestingly, bank activity does not charge any fees, but also do not charge interest on the accumulated money. It is worth noting that any deposited money is available immediately at any subsidiary. Bankers offer various services:
  • balance - ask for your balance to find out how many gold pieces you have already gathered in your bank account,
  • deposit - if you would like to deposit money from your inventory, use folowing game commands: deposit (e.g. deposit 100) or deposit all,
  • withdraw- to get money from your bank account, you have to ask the banker to withdraw it, e.g. withdraw 1000.
  • bankers of Caerfa, Ben Qarassih are additionally resposible for house & postal services.

List of bankers

NPC name location
Abdul Ben Qarassih, here
Bengkt-Ake Bersund, here
Emma Ellarian Poor Quaters, here
Hadrian Ellaria, here
Leofrick Ellaria, here
Lisa Humwich, here
Peyton Ellaria, here
Ralph Caerfa, here
Rowan Ellaria, here
Tuomo Karkkila, here