Marksman Subclass Quest

Only the most disciplined rangers shall be introduced into the Companionship of Loyality, which is the association of all marksmen, led by Walter the Honorable.
Requirements: • level 30
• only a ranger can accomplish this task
Required items: 1500 gold pieces
Be prepared to face: Ent, Warg, Wolf
Rewards: Marksman Subclass (including ability to use marksman spells)


Start your journey by talking with Walter. The map below shows the location of him in Ellaria.

When you get there tell him this:
Player: Hi
Walter: Hello! I see, you prefer ranged combat just like we do.
Player: Join
Walter: So be it! The companionship used to possess a relic of great age not too long ago, but sadly, the item is gone now. It is called the helmet of pride, but don't worry, it's too small to be worn by anyone and would barely offer any defence, so no treasure hunter be interested. Sadly, I have no further information about it, but people use to say that Graham overhears a lot in his tavern.
Player: Challenge
Walter: You want to be a part of us? As long as you master my challenge, there is nothing that will keep you from being so, but the decision is final!

Next step? Go to Ellaria's Harbor, and take a boat to Caerfa, then follow map instructions.

Once you reach Graham's tavern, talk with him in this manner:
Player: Hi
Graham: Greetings, traveller! Need food?
Player: helmet of pride
Graham: You won't believe it! This outlaw leader Veldroc has been here two days ago and told me to give this note to whoever asks for it. Here, have it, I hope it helps you.

He will tell you go to find Veldroc, to continue the quest you will need 1500 gold coins.

When you find him tell him this:
Player: Hi
Veldroc: Hm? Player: helmet of pride
Veldroc: Ahh, you're the one who got the note from Graham. 500 gold coins you say? The note must have been damaged a bit, I'm certain of remembering having written 1500, which is the sum you have to give me in order to get to know the location. If you pay 25000, I will get the helmet for you right now. So, 1500 or 25000?
Player: 1500
Veldroc: Wise decision! Now if you hand over your armor too, we have a deal....just kidding, I might be a widely known notorious immoral rascal, but I don't usually pick on weak greenhorns like you are. Alright, listen. There's a mountain south of Culthan, inhabited by a few goblins. If you get to the inner part of the mountain, keep going down until you get to face werebears and look for a big light blue rock, the helmet is under it.

Back to Caerfa, then take a boat to Ellaria. To find the helmet of pride follow map instructions until ...

... you find the blue rock that hides the item.

Once you reach hidden helmet of pride, back to Walter and tell him this:
Player: Hi
Walter: Hello! I see, you prefer ranged combat just like we do.
Player: helmet of pride
Player: Walter: Congratulations, Player! I'm glad to introduce you to the companionship of loyality.