Yet Not Spoiled Quests

Below list of yet not spoiled quests. In this section you can find basic information about some quests for highly experienced players!
Quest Required Level Another Requirements Rewards
Ivan's Missions max. 60 → active premium time → 20,000 gold pieces(s)
empty medalion of glory
Guilherme Task 50 → active premium time → 50,000 experience points
magus diadem
The Strange Note Quest 70 → active premium time → 300,000 experience points
emerald tongue
Natalia's Missions 80 → active premium time after 1st mission 10,000 experience points
→ after 2nd mission new outfit Aranaguanian Traveler
enchanted golden medalion as main reward
Thaddeus' Questline 80 → premium time → experience points
→ after 1st mission access to Yarrael → after 2nd mission new shortcut to Geltharian Swamps,
→ after 3rd mission access to Golden Desert,
→ after 5th mission access to Haunted Forest,
experience potion recipe as main reward
The Six Portals 90 → active premium time → 900,000 experience points
→ 2 x towel (blue)
→ 2 x towel (green)
→ 2 x towel (violet)
Doomed Dungeon Quest 110 → active premium time → 250,000 experience points
golden shield
towel (red)
dragon egg
Abandoned Citadel Quest 120 → active premium time → 300,000 experience points
legendary amulet
Spidery Maze Quest 120 → active premium time → 600,000 experience points
enchanted ring of magic or enchanted ring of precission or enchanted ring of strength
Vozuth Mask Quest 140 → active premium time → 750,000 experience points
legendary armor
legendary vozuth mask
In service of the City 200 → active premium time
→ 1,000,000 gold pieces(s)
prison key
noble Zezenian legs
Exchange with Aramadaes 200 → active premium time
→ finished In service of the City
→ 50 (or more)
bronze ore
→ 50 diamond(s)
→ 100 (or more) silver ore
noble Zezenian armor or noble Zezenian boots or noble Zezenian helmetor noble Zezenian shield
Castle of Death - → active premium time
→ Roulette Macabre Achievement
→ 400,000 experience points
→ access to spawn of Wanu (strongest Yahgan Occultist)
anti-paralyze potion recipe