Ranger Spells

Ranger's distance fighting ability is most important part of his power, his spells could buff it up.
hotkey name required magic level reguired mana description
Weak Healing 0 10 Heals 10-30, does not scale with level/magic level.
Create Food 2 35 Creates various kinds of food.
Create Arrows 3 30 Creates 3-5 arrows.
Recuperation 3 40 Stronger healing spell.
Speed Boost 4 50 Increases your movement speed for 5 minutes. (Cures paralyze.)
Quick Shot 6 60 Weak magic attack.
Abundant Quiver
Premium Spell
8 180 Abundant Quiver is a spell for rangers, allowing them to create between 20 and 32 arrows per cast.
Purification Support
Premium Spell
9 130 Purification is a combined ability of any mage and any warriors or ranger, allowing them, after the warriors or ranger supported the mage, to destroy all created obstacles in front of the mage.
United Inside
Premium Spell
10 140 United Insight is a combined ability of mages and warriors or rangers, allowing them, after the mage supported the warrior or ranger, to locate a target. It has a casting delay of 5 seconds and a cooldown of 900 seconds.